Albisetti International SA is a leading company for the production and global distribution of fashion items, and it is tied to its partners by multi-year licensing agreements.

Albisetti International SA was founded to combine the vast experience and competence of two important Italian companies, Albisetti SpA and Ittierre SpA, which for more than forty years have produced and distributed, under license, fashion lines for the most important and successful designer brands in Italian and international fashion.

Prestigious brands such as Armani, Dolce&Gabbana;, Roberto Cavalli, J.P Gaultier, Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Chloè, Balmain Paris and Burberry are just some of the brands which make up Albisetti International’s significant heritage.

The company’s experience and know-how allow it to encompass several merchandising categories. 

The products range from ready-to-wear clothing to outerwear, from beachwear to active-wear, textile accessories, footwear and leather goods. Furthermore, during the years, the company specialized in denim fashion and jeans-wear, creating and developing collections for the most prestigious international designer brands. 

Study and creation

Together with its partners, Albisetti International SA develops synergies which are fundamental to create complete collections, paying great attention to every design and commercial aspect, to meet the constantly evolving needs of the international market in a successful and targeted manner.

The company reaches its goals thanks to its structure, which bridges innovation and know-how, exploiting the advantages of cutting edge computer technology, combined with a tested internal team composed of highly specialized designers and stylists. 

Albisetti International SA traces a path through technology and creativity. From the technical office – where state-of-the-art graphical and IT platforms constantly communicate with teams of designers and pattern-makers – come new methods of product development, which are essential in order to move quickly from ideas to paper patterns, and finally to prototypes and catalogues.

One of Albisetti International’s greatest strengths lies in its research & development center, characterized by continuous innovation. Thanks to the center, the company is able to present a large selection of fabrics, experimental materials, manufacturing techniques and inventive accessories, with a special focus on new dyeing, printing, sewing and embroidering techniques.


Almost half a century spent working for the best international fashion houses guarantees great experience in the production of high quality garments. 

The creations are made in Albisetti International’s specialized laboratories, which are located all round Italy. A Made in Italy which can still make the difference.

Furthermore, a long international production experience allows the company to offer its licensees, who look for extremely competitive prices, the possibility to use qualified structures which have been tested through the years, and which operate in different parts of the world: from Eastern Europe to Northern Africa to the Far East. In these places the laboratories, monitored and controlled daily by our technical personnel, guarantee great quality and low costs.

Sales and distribution organization

Albisetti International’s distribution methods are tailored for each individual brand in our portfolio thanks to dedicated business units. Sales are handled by brand line managers, who can count on a powerful sales network composed of agents and distributors, selected by the company in more than 40 years of business. The sales networks are specific for each sale territory. 

The macro-areas in which sales territories are subdivided are: Middle East, Russia, Africa, Asia-Pacific/Oceania, USA, Europe and Southern-Central America. 

The Italian market, international clients, the main buyers from the world’s most prestigious department stores, and other leading sector players are managed from Milan’s showroom, located in the heart of the fashion capital. 

For the international market and for a better customer service, Albisetti International SA uses a network of showrooms (Hong Kong, New York and Dubai) situated in strategic locations of the specific areas.

The knowledgeable sales department of Albisetti International SA agrees with its partners the right strategies for the proper development of different distribution channels like: single-brand retail stores (flagship), shop in shop and corners located in the most important malls, department stores and airports in the world.. The company applies the same meticulousness and sales philosophy to online sales, which are developed on the most important and prestigious E-commerce sites of the sector, and to the duty-free areas of the main airports. 



ALBISETTI-INTERNATIONAL: the company concentrates on each individual Brand in its licensing portfolio through dedicated business units which let it keep the necessary discretion and a minimal loss of energy, without giving up productive synergies which are useful to contain prices.
The business aspect is handled by brand line managers, who can count on a powerful sales network composed of agents and distributors located all around the world.
Albisetti International SA can count on a network of showrooms located in Hong Kong, New York, Milan and Dubai.


• Technologic and stylistic innovation. 
• Quality and originality in the research of materials and applications.
• brand with autonomous business units. 
• consolidated international distribution Network.
ALBISETTI-INTERNATIONAL SA is able to combine designer inspiration, creativity and intuition in a structured production system and excellent distribution.

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